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Who can come?

This event is open to everyone, including non-queer people, and people of all ages. There will be kids' activities. It is a free event as well

Can i perform at Pride?

We have finalized our performance schedule for Carmel Pride 2022. Please audition next year! We would love to have you


Will there be food?

Yes, there will be a variety of vendors from whom you can buy food, including sweet and savory foods. We may also have Pride-themed homemade goodies for purchase to benefit Carmel Pride

What will the activities be?

There will be singing and dancing for everyone. We will also have food / merchandise vendors, drag performances, live music, art contests, writing exhibitions, and more. Of course you can also just hang out with the community! For a more comprehensive list, check out the Agenda page

What should I bring?

Bring sunscreen, money if you want to buy food/art, and maybe some water too. You can also bring towels or lawn chairs for the Green. 

Who should i bring?

Bring girlfriends, boyfriends, queerfriends galore. Straight people, gay people, trans people, pets and more! Basically bring anyone with whom you want to have a good time

Do i have to be there the entire time?

Nope. You may come for as long as you want and whenever you want. Pride at Sunset will start at 7:30pm.

how is covid handled?

As this is an outdoor event on a large space, it is not a high-risk situation. However, vendors will provide hand sanitizer.

how do i help?

Sign-up to volunteer at You can also donate via the Donation page, submit art/writing through the form on the Home page, or get in contact at the Contact page. 

I am closeted and apprehensive   about coming. what should i do?

Please get in contact with us via email or social media. We will likely be able to support you 

Will there be parking?

Carter Green is located next to a number of parking garages (displayed on our parking map on the home page). We encourage you to walk or bike, however, the section of the Monon trail next to the Green will be closed so you will need to arrive along 4th street.  

What If I have safety concerns?

If minor conflicts arise, look out for our adult conflict de-escalation team in white vests. If conflict becomes out of control, event security will support. We have coordinated with police to be in the background and ensure everyone's safety.

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