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Carmel Pride is a local, grassroots organization that relies on community support, including equipment, supplies, and monetary donations. 

If you are looking for a way to contribute, please consider donating.

You can donate equipment like tables, tents, or microphones. We will return equipment the day of, so you must be available after Pride ends. Otherwise, we can not guarantee equipment return (but we will do our best) 

We accept funds through Venmo and Paypal. You can also write a check

If you have questions please get in contact at


Carmel Pride is exceptionally grateful to have community support from local organizations, businesses, and residents. Thank you for your contribution!


Kendra Scott at Keystone Mall

Cycle Bar


Conner Prairie

The Center for the Performing Arts

Go Ape

Craft E Family 

Bask on Main

Kuaba Art Gallery

Stacco House

Peace Water Winery

Bar Louie

KKBB Salon

Magdalena Art Gallery

Circle Real Estate

Buff City Soap

August Tucker

Catharine Zahela

Margaret Gordon

Kathryn Lustig

Sarah Crews

Brenda Myers

Leah Brough

Kelly Volansky

Art by JoeK (Joe Krutulis)

The Olive Mill



South Bend Chocolate Company

Vitality Bowls

The Pint Room

Indiana Artisan


Monterey Coastal Cuisine

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